SunJel Gel Fuel Can
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SunJel Gel Fuel Can

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Always keep your fire element burning with this SunJel Fireplace Gel Fuel. This set includes multiple fuel cells. SunJel has been making this quality gel fuel for fireplaces since 1985. Thanks to this product's clean-burning design you can enjoy the comfort of a fire indoors or out. These fuel cells utilize clean-burning, renewable ethanol., making them an environmentally responsible choice. The fuel burns without soot, odor, smoke, spitting, ash or embers. The easy-to-use can style allows you to simply place, ignite and enjoy. Each SunJel indoor fireplace fuel can burns approximately three hours. Bringing these cans along saves you the time and effort of gathering and carrying fire wood or other fuels.

SunJel Fireplace Gel Fuel:
  • Fuel in each SunJel can burns for approximately 3 hours with a beautiful, vibrant yellow flame
  • SunJel fireplace fuel is among the cleanest-burning fuels on the market
  • Creates a lovely crackling sound as it burns
  • Made in the US
  • Product is as easy to use as opening and lighting the can
  • Provides consistent heat so you can relax by the fire
  • Ideal for avid campers or beginners