Difficult Conversations-Just for Women

Difficult Conversations-Just for Women

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"From the very first chapter, readers will know that they have stumbled onto something valuable . . . Any woman who picks up this book will feel inspired, upon reaching its end, to courageously speak her mind." 
─Publisher's Weekly

"It carries a message that every woman needs to know, especially in this day and age; an expert guide on handling difficult conversations. The title of this book may lure readers into checking it out, but they won't be disappointed. What is most interesting about this book is that it offers just what readers need to know. . . No fluff, no babbling . . . Intelligently written, upbeat, and filled with insights that will come across as an eye-opener to many readers." 
─Readers' Favorite 

"Quick reading. Entertaining . . . Full of stories . . . Proven techniques. Groundbreaking research."
─Missouri Life Magazine  
Paperback book-212 pages.